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We strive to teach you how to train your dog.

Athens Dog Training is here to help you train your puppy or dog in a manner that suits his or her individual personality and needs; we don't use a "one size fits all" method, we prefer to customize the training style to each dog and handler team. I have been training for AKC obedience competition for over 16 years, earning more than 70 titles to date and multiple invitations to Westminster and the AKC National Obedience Championship (you can see a more comprehensive list of our accomplishments on the "Awards" tab).  As the most highly experienced trainer in the area, I would like to share the benefit of my experience with you!

Why choose a competition trainer if you don't compete?

We realize that most people are simply looking for a better behaved companion, not competition training - so why would you choose a competition trainer?  Simple: when we compete in obedience trials, we are seeking evaluation by an impartial third party judge that our dog can remain focused and reliably perform the behaviors that we've worked on despite many distractions and without the constant use of food or other rewards - the dog is reliably trained to perform its tasks because it wants to and knows what the expectations are, without the use of an external bribe.  While we enjoy participating in "fun" dog sports as well (barn hunt is Evie's favorite thing!), they do not demonstrate the same training levels and abilities as competitive obedience.  Success in high level (UD/Utility) classes shows dedication, willingness and enjoyment that is hard to match elsewhere, and is a true measure of the effectiveness of a trainer's techniques.


I currently offer puppy and basic obedience classes in the Athens, Ohio area; find details under the "Classes" tab above.


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