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We understand that most people aren't looking to compete in the ring with their dogs (even though it's lots of fun!). However, it's important that your trainer do so, because the ability to successfully have our training objectively evaluated by a judge in a challenging environment is the only true way to prove that one's training methods are effective and reliable under pressure.  Here are some of our highlights:

9/30/06 – Jaz now has her CD, CDX, RN, RA, and RE titles, all earned in 3 shows each.  Of 16 times in the Obedience ring, she has 13 first, 1 second and 1 third place finish.  She also has earned 4 High in Trials, 2 Second Highest in Trials, plus 6 additional High Scoring German Shepherd in Trials (where it was noted).  Not bad for having started in Novice A just over 4 months ago!

10/20/06 – Jaz is still on a roll, winning first place in Open A at the German Shepherd Nationals in Lake St. Louis.  She also earned an Obedience Elite Score medal for her performance.

7/14/07 –  Jaz's latest title is an RAE, earned in 10 shows.
9/26/07 –  The Front & Finish® 2006 ratings are in for the Novice A & Open A classes.  In Novice, Jaz is ranked #1 German Shepherd, #1 Herding Group dog, and #5 overall.  Despite the fact that she got to very few shows due to owner injury, she also placed well in Open as #1 German Shepherd, #5 Herding Group dog, and #14 overall. 

5/25/08 - Jaz earned her latest title, UD, again in three shows.  She did so with three first place finishes, including a High in Trial.  Next step is UDX!


9/21/08 - Eva is following in her big sister's footsteps, starting her show career by winning two of the three classes we entered to earn her RN.


8/3/08 – Both Jaz and Eva are now certified Therapy Dogs.

5/24/09 - Jaz has now earned her UDX with four more High in Trials and three High Combined Scores (for a total now of nine and three of each, respectively).


7/31/09 – Eva has finished her RA with a first, second and third place.


9/6/09 – Eva has earned her CD with two firsts and a third place.


10/16/09 – Eva won the Novice B class at German Shepherd Nationals in Springfield, OH this year, and her score tied for High in Trial out of approximately 100 dogs.  She also earned an Obedience Elite Score medal. 


11/29/09 – Jaz wrapped up the show season earning her UDX2 and halfway to OTCH.  She now has 11 High in Trials and 7 High Combined Scores.  Looking forward to next year!


7/14/10 - Jaz has earned an invitation to the AKC National Obedience Invitational this year! This invitation is extended to the top three obedience dogs in each breed (counted by OTCH point earnings for the year ending June 30) in the country. While Long Beach, CA is a little too far for a dog show trip, it is quite an honor to be invited.


9/26/10 - Eva earned her CDX in three shows, first place all three times. Jaz also earned her UDX3 and OM3 this weekend.


6/5/11 - Jaz completed her OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) title this weekend in Dunbar, WV with a High in Trial and High Combined Score! We are thrilled with this accomplishment for our Novice A girl.


7/9/11 - Another AKC National Obedience Invitational (NOI) invitation for Jaz! She is #2 German Shepherd in Obedience in the country this year.


8/7/11 - Jaz earned her UDX4 yesterday and Eva earned her UD today, both in Canfield, OH.


1/7/12 - Jaz finished her UDX5 and OM5 today with another High in Trial (she now has 25 High in Trials) and High Combined (total of 18 High Combineds) in Dayton, OH. What a great day!


7/15/12 - Jaz earned her UDX6 today in Dayton; she also earned a spot at the National Obedience Invitational for the third year in a row and this time we plan to make the trek to Orlando to compete! She is also #2 GSD in Obedience in the country again, counted by OTCH points earned within the year.

9/22/12 - Eva finished her UDX today in Marietta, OH, and both dogs had some very nice placements. A good finish to the show season!

10/10/12 - The GSD Review listed the top ten Shepherds for 2011 by class points earned, and both girls are in the top 10!


12/17/12 - Jaz made the trip to Orlando to compete at the National Obedience Invitational. She passed all 46 exercises and was top scoring GSD both days, and was in the top 10 for the Herding Group overall. A wonderful weekend for her.


1/6/13 - Jaz earned her second OTCH in Dayton, OH.


9/14/13 - Jaz earned her third OTCH and High Combined in Lancaster, OH.


10/10/13 - Jaz finished her Obedience Grand Master title today at the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Regional show at the Nationals in Swedesboro, NJ, and was High Combined as well (she has 37 High Combineds and 40 High in Trials). Jaz is only the second German Shepherd in the US to have earned the OGM title.


10/11/13 - Jaz placed in Utility and Open today at the National; for the two days combined, she had the highest total score from the four classes. She also won the Veterans class and participated in the Parade of Shepherd Greats.


5/16/14 - According to the AKC, Jaz is the all-time #5 GSD in obedience for total OTCH points earned. What a great career!


10/20/16 - Jaz, Eva, and Evie have been enjoying fun times in Barn Hunt, earning Novice and Open titles thus far. Evie has also earned her CGC and CGCA titles, as well as Rally Novice and Obedience Beginner Novice, Preferred Novice, and Novice titles - with two High in Trial awards! Though we won't be able to make the trip she qualified for the AKC National Obedience Championship in Orlando, and is currently working on her Open Obedience title.

8/6/17 - Evie finished her Open and Preferred Open titles this year and earned another invitation to the National Obedience Championship!  We also were some of the first to have fun earning a Trick Dog title on the first weekend it was ever offered by the AKC.  She will soon venture into the Utility ring, the highest class level in the AKC.

5/26/18 - Evie finished her Utility title, an accomplishment achieved by only 0.5% of dogs who begin in competitive obedience.

9/14/19 - Evie finished her Utility Dog Excellent title (qualifying in Open and Utility classes at the same trial on 10 separate occasions) in style, earning High Combined Score and High in Trial awards the same day!

2/1/20 - Evie is ranked as the #2 German Shepherd in the country.  Very exciting!

7/18/20 - Evie earned the Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH) title in Cleveland!  This is the highest obedience title offered by AKC and is likened to the PhD for humans.  We are very proud of her.

4/1/21 - Evie has been invited to both Westminster and the National Obedience Championship again.

4/7/21 - According to Front & Finish magazine's rankings, Evie is the #1 German Shepherd in obedience in the country!

10/11/21 - Evie earned her Barn Hunt Championship (RATCH) title with a High in Class award.  Barn Hunt is a lot of fun for the dogs and it is  Evie's favorite activity.

7/9/22 - Though she is officially retired from obedience, Evie went to the Rally National Championship today and earned sixth place in her class.  She was very happy to be there - a little too happy - but that was the goal!

3/22/23 - Both Evie and Zeke have qualified for the Rally National Championship again this year.

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